Learn how lebanese companies can benefit from applying LEAN

Workshop's details


Sparkers (middle East) is organising an exclusive workshop to explain the basics of LEAN management in a simplified and practical way - An approach adapted to the middle eastern companies & work environment.

This workshop is proudly Sparkers' star program in Lebanon!

Location: Hilton Habtoor Hotel - Sin El fil

Time: 3rd & 4th of April 2019  (9am till 5pm)  

The  workshop is designed for industrialists but also professionals from all types of companies (hospitals, schools, banks, NGOs, etc.) - In one word, it is designed for anyone who is interested in learning how he can reduce his cost by embracing a new management concept 

Know your trainer


  • Mr. Dany Elias is  passionate about LEAN since 2002. He is the founder and the managing partner of Sparkers Solutions. His extensive experience of 17 years in managing different factories in Lebanon provided him with the practical importance of applying LEAN methods in a tough work & economic environment. 
  • At the same time, Mr. Elias is an instructor at Saint Joseph university - Faculty of Sciences where he leads a course in production & lean management for the Masters students of industrial technology - since 2008. Every year, he directs several students' projects in applying Lean methods in different companies.
  • His passion for LEAN took him to San Francisco in 2011 to take 2 trainings in LEAN management with the Lean Enterprise Institue. 
  • In 2017, he participated in an extensive workshop about Lean in JAPAN by visiting Toyota factories (where the LEAN was originally created) 
  • His education started with a BS in chemistry - continued to a Masters in industrial technology and then to an executive MBA
  • Get in touch with your trainer via email on delias@sparkerssolutions.com or via mobile phone on 03198954

Workshop's Objective


This program will explore the basics of the LEAN methodology in a simplified yet practical way adapted to the Middle Eastern companies. It is an introductory training designed to explain the main values & concepts of the Toyota Production System (TPS) commonly known as LEAN management.

Our commitment is to provide participants with concepts & tools that can be applied immediately after the workshop.

Most of all, this module will demonstrate how LEAN can be beneficial, simple and fun to any type of companies (not only industries).

Workshop's Outline


This workshop will outline the basics of a lean company in the Middle East and will explain why it is important to embrace this methodology in our daily life even and not only in our office.

All that based on a practical simulation that the attendees will participate in to better grasp the concepts.

Throughout the workshop there will be plenty of interaction, discussions and sharing of examples from the Lebanese market.

The concepts that will be introduced and practiced will include the following:


  • The advantages of applying LEAN in a company
  • Lean History and evolution: where it was created and why it was widely spread to all types of companies.
  • The values and the key concepts of the TPS : the base before thinking of applying any Lean tool or approach.
  • The 7 types of "wastes" defined by Lean and the importance of eliminating them from any process before moving forward. We will focus on "training your eyes" to see those wastes around you.
  • The 5 basic principles of Lean management
  • The importance of the Pull system and the one-piece flow versus the traditional mass production (batch-and-queue) - based on a 2hours simulation game and examples from Lebanese companies.
  • The impact of the layout of an office or factory on efficiency
  • The importance of organizing & cleaning the work place through applying the 5S methodology. The learning will be done through a practical simulation game
  • The difference between Lean and Lean six sigma
  • An overview on the main Lean Tools used worldwide

For registration & inquiries

Send us a message and we'll get back to you asap

Participation fees : 450$/person for the 2 days (all included)

Early birds are eligible to a 75$ discount one month ahead of the set training day

University students are eligible to a special discount of 50%

For groups from the same company, every 4th person's workshop registration is free

Corporate rates are available- please ask about it upon registration and our agent will assist you


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